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HOUSE TO WOWS provides Quality and Professional Staging Services to help you to prepare your Property for the Market (Sale or Rental).


Our preparation method focuses on areas that will Add Value to your Property, Make your Property Stand Out in the Market and Get You Higher ROI (Return on Investment).

"Staging is like getting ready for the perfect date or a job interview. Similar to looking your best, adding that special touch and knowing how to stand out"


As every property is different, we provide the following Staging Services





As per RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) 2021 survey results, staged homes sold on average $40K over list price and 9 days faster than the average days on market. 


Staging itself is an investment, as you get back on what you spend and some more after the home is sold. Staging has been proven effective to make your property stand out, looking well maintained which in turn attract more buyers and help you to sell your home faster with a higher return on investment.


Choosing the right Stager is vital as this impacts the sale / rental success of your property. So make sure you take your time to choose wisely.


A professional Home Stager is trained / certified / member of a Staging Association(s). They keep up with the market status and guide you with how and which areas to stage based on the potential value of your property.


A Stager with a vast knowledge in construction materials and design layouts will be able to guide you with proper installation needs / upgrades as Staging is more than just decorating. 


A reputable and experienced Staging Company will always have a Service Agreement / Contract signed prior to the Staging Service, setting out the expectations with their clients.  


Prices may vary Stager to Stager, depending on their work process, experience, scope of work, set ups, installation, rental / inventory type, style, condition, handling, insurance etc.


In case you were wondering, Staging is NOT just about decluttering. It is very important to remember that the Stager you hire has the same goal as yours, which is getting the Best Value For Your Property. So make sure you hire the Right Stager!


If you are someone who can tackle the Staging on your own but don’t know where to start and willing to put the effort, then a Staging Consultation will be right fit for you. 


If you are someone who may not have time to do it all, then booking an Occupied Staging or Vacant Staging would be best for you.


Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing your property for the market…


It is important that your Property is listed for the Right Price! A higher listing price can repel potential buyers and bids. It can also result in your Property sitting longer in the market with zero offer, which in turn will lead to price reduction.


It is highly recommended that your property is Staged / Prepped before putting it online to prevent losing on more potential buyers. Sharing from our experience, clients who take their time planning and putting effort into preparing their property before it hits the market, are the ones that make the most Return On Investment at the end.


Virtual Staging may cost less and attract more potential buyers online. However, when these potential buyers walk onto the property in-person, they could be distracted and comparing with what they saw online. For example, virtually a room may have shown two pieces of furniture fitting in properly, but in reality the room may be too small and can only fit one furniture etc. The key is to not have any distractions and let the potential buyers connect with the house and see its potential.


In the case of AirBnB / Rentals, it is essential that your property is not only staged properly to attract more guests, but furnishings used also are sustainable for the long run. 


Last but not the least, making sure that Staging / Preparation is done properly without causing any damages such as doors not being able to open properly, lack of space to walk around, decorative / material hazards etc. So make sure you hire the Right Stager!


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