HOUSE TO WOWS provides Quality and Professional Staging Services to help you prepare your Property for the Market (Sale or Rental).


Our preparation method focuses on areas that will Add Value to your Property, Make your Property Stand Out in the Market and Get You Higher ROI (Return on Investment).

"Staging is like getting ready for the perfect date. Similar to looking your best, adding that special touch and knowing who to attract and how to stand out"


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Our process begins with a Staging Consultation where we review your property and provide you with information and recommendations that will help you to prepare your property for the market for a high ROI. In the case of Occupied Property, we guide you with on how to use most of your existing furnishings and accessories. In the case of Vacant Property, we guide you with which areas to stage and then measure and provide you with Rental and / or Shopping Estimates.


Staging Day includes delivering, installing and  decorating your Property with Rentals, Shopping Items and Accessories.

In the case of Occupied Property, we arrange and balance out the new furnishings with the existing ones. In the case of Vacant Property, we determine the layouts and the arrangements. We also take professional pictures and post on our social media that will help you to market your property more!


As we also provide other Services in-house, such as Handyman, Painting and Design, you can save time and hassles by not having to contact several other contractors for installation, repairs, selections, painting etc. Your Property gets all the attention it needs with our Services, to get prepared to its highest standard!


Our Staging Services start at $200

Contact us to find out on how you can get more value for your home!