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HOUSE TO WOWS provides Quality and Professional Handyman Services to help you with your Home Repairs, Maintenance, Updates and Improvements.

Did you know a well maintained property is more valuable? Leave it to the Professionals at HOUSE TO WOWS to make sure it gets done right the first time!


As every property is different and has its own specific needs, we provide the following Handyman Services




Choosing the right Handyman is vital as this will in turn be an investment for your property. So make sure you take your time to choose wisely.


A Handyman is a skilled tradesman with expertise in doing several home improvement tasks and has been in the construction industry for several years. They have an extensive knowledge on building materials, market status, construction process and will guide you with doing home improvement tasks the proper way without cutting corners.​ They will advise you on tasks that would need permits and / or to be done by a licensed plumber / electrician / contractor due to the complexity / building code / safety protocols involved with the task. ​


They will tend to NOT take upon a task if they foresee any improper selections / process being requested. They will also NOT take upon a task if being forced on a tight timeline that will not allow them to do it right and compromise on quality of work.​


A reputable and experienced Handyman Company will always have a Service Agreement / Contract signed prior to the Handyman Service, setting out the expectations with their clients. 


Prices vary from Handyman to Handyman as per hourly, sf or flat rates, depending on their work process, experience, knowledge, tools used for the work, quality of work, scope of work, insurance etc. 


Keep in mind, a Handyman is not someone that learned just from working on their home! It is very important to remember that the Handyman you hire has several years of experience in the Construction Industry and gets the task done right, so that you don't have to spend more money later down the road to redo the task. So make sure you hire the Right Handyman!


If you are someone who is yet to decide on materials / selections / process for your project and don't know where to start, then a Handyman Consultation would be the right fit for you.


If you are someone who needs to prioritize as per your Property condition / emergency, then Handyman Maintenance / Service Call would be ideal for you.


If you are someone who has already made selections / knows what is needed for your project, then Handyman Repairs / Installation / Upgrades / Assembly would be perfect for you.


Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to Handyman…


If you are getting a Handyman in to do your repairs, it is always a good idea to ask them if they can check additional items because they may notice other things that are in need of repair that you may have missed or didn’t notice yet.


It is always best to have a budget range prior to contacting a Handyman. When coming up with a budget range, keep in mind about Material costs, Handyman fees and any other additional costs that may arise during the work.


When getting your property prepared for the market or for sale, it is best to get a Handyman that has knowledge of Return on Investment and specializes in the Real Estate Industry. As they can guide you with the proper repairs / installations that can get the best value for your property.


If you have rental properties, it will be a good idea to have a regular Handyman that specializes in the Real Estate / Rental Market, to do the repairs / installs. As they are familiar with your property and how to get the best Return on Investment, they can guide you with your property maintenance, turnovers and emergencies.


In cases where if any item was improperly done by a previous installer, it could end up costing more to get it properly repaired or replaced. So it is important to ensure from the start that your installation / repairs are being done properly by a professional.


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