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HOUSE TO WOWS provides Quality and Professional Painting and Colour Consultation Services to help and guide you with Selecting Paints / Colours, as well as focusing on Enhancing the Look of Your Property / Space.

"A room is a blank canvas that is waiting to be painted to give it a life and definition that one desires"


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Our Painting Services are as follows





Painting job, when done right can make a huge difference to your space / property.


Painting is a labour intensive task and requires experience, knowledge, skills and a high level of patience and eye for detail. Professional Painters will take their time in prepping / repairing / sanding the surfaces, taking off / removing any parts from the surfaces that are not to be painted, double checking on their work as being done, putting the parts back onto the surfaces, doing touch ups as applicable, cleaning up after work and then allowing clients to inspect their work at the end.


Painting Companies also offer Colour Consultation Services to  guide clients with colour and sheen selections based on preferences, lighting, traffic, durability etc.​


A reputable and experienced Painting Company will always have a Service Agreement / Contract signed prior to the Service, setting out the expectations with their clients.


Prices vary from Painter to Painter, depending on their work process, experience, knowledge, paint products / tools used for the work, number of paint coats required for the work, quality of work, insurance, scope and size of work etc. Professional Painters will always review the condition and size of the surfaces prior to quoting as per sf, hourly or flat rates. Most painting jobs also require an initial deposit prior to the service for material costs, travel expenses, priority scheduling etc.


Keep in mind that a Painter is not someone that learned just from working on their home! A Professional Painter has several years of experience in Construction and Painting, with a keen eye for detail. So make sure you hire the Right Painter!


Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to Painting…


When changing from a darker to a lighter colour, the painting cost and time will increase due to additional coats of primer / paint.


When getting your property prepared for the market or for sale, it is best to get a Painter that has knowledge of Return on Investment and specializes in the Real Estate Industry. As they can guide you with the colour and sheen selections, which areas to paint etc. that can get the best value for your property.


Kitchen cabinets take the longest to prep and paint, out of all interior painting projects.


When painting a previously moisture stained surface, it’s always best to ensure that the root cause has been resolved properly prior to spending on painting the surface.


For exterior painting, scheduling will always be weather dependent so it’s best to be patient when looking forward to getting exterior painting done.


Not all surfaces adhere to paint the same way and hence, some surfaces may require additional prepping / coats / paint products.


Although gloss / high gloss sheens are easier to maintain and clean, keep in mind that repaired areas may be more noticeable / reflective in light.


When selecting a colour from a store, phone or a computer screen, keep in mind that it will look different in your home / area based on lighting availability, sheen selection etc. When you’re not sure, having colour /  paint samples on the selected area are the best way to go for choosing colours.


Do NOT be present / use the area that’s getting painted, not only for health reasons but also because it will delay the painting job.


Do NOT rush your painter, and if they are requesting you for a few more days (due to drying time / additional coats etc.) to complete the task then give it to them. Painting takes time and is labour intensive, if not done right then you will have to spend more money later down the road to redo the task.


Do not jump to conclusions for an ongoing painting job, let it be fully finished and then take a look at it. Paint requires time to dry, settle and may need touch ups as well. It’s like taking a look at someone while they are putting their make-up on or baking a cake. The end result will surprise you!


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