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HOUSE TO WOWS provides Quality and Professional Design Services to help you Update / Upgrade your Home to your Needs Preferences, Scope, Budget etc.


Our Design method is based on Measurements and Functionality, with the focus on Adding Value to your Home and Lifestyle.

"A house becomes a home when it is welcoming and functional for everyone living in it. You can desire a house but ultimately your love will settle on a home that speaks to your heart!"



As every property has different needs, we provide the following Design Services





A Designer is an Interior Redesigner, who analyzes your design style (with keeping in mind the functionality of the space / room) and then implements it.


Things to note that there is a difference between an Interior Redesigner and an Interior Designer.  An Interior Designer is much more involved with remodeling projects, the technical side of design that requires submitting schematics, CAD illustrations etc. to receive permits from the City. Whereas, an Interior Redesigner focuses on the design principles and is skilled at putting together a cohesive design with finishes, such as paint color, flooring, tile, window treatments, etc. They do not make schematics for permits. An Interior Redesigner works with smaller scale projects than an Interior Designer. In some cases, Interior Designers even hire Interior Redesigners to complete their project with proper color, furnishing and decorating.


An Interior Redesigner, who also happens to be a Home Stager, will be great at getting into the mindset of a particular person / target market and then implementing the design style as per their target audience. Therefore, the range of design styles implemented by them can be more diverse. Also, as a Certified Redesigner and Member of Staging Association(s), an Interior Redesigner keeps up with the market trends and status.


An Interior Redesigner with construction experience, will guide you with doing design projects properly without cutting corners. They will advise you on design projects that would need permits and / or to be done by an interior designer / licensed plumber / electrician / contractor due to the complexity / building code / safety protocols involved with the design project.​


A reputable and experienced Design Company will always have a Service Agreement / Contract signed prior to the Service, setting out the expectations with their clients.


Prices vary from Designer to Designer, depending on their work process, experience, knowledge, tools used for the work, quality of work, insurance, scope and size of work etc. Professional Designer will always review / measure the space / room and analyze your design style prior to quoting, as per hourly or flat rates. Most design projects also require an initial deposit / upfront payment prior to the service.


Keep in mind that Designers are not someone who learns just from working on their home! A Professional Designer is certified and has several years of experience on measuring / analyzing / implementing style, trends, functionality etc. So make sure you hire the Right Designer!


If you are someone who just needs advice on furniture layouts, paint colours, floor / tile selections, window treatments, styling, storage solutions etc., then Design Consultation would be ideal for you.


If you are someone who needs a visual presentation to see what or how the selected items can fit or even what colours / style would work for the space / room prior to making any purchases, then E-Design Service would be best for you.


If you are someone who needs the entire design project to be completed visually (E-Design) and physically (assembly, installation, painting, furnishing, styling, decorating etc.), then Redesign Service would be perfect for you.


If your space / area is small, it is always best to have a visual presentation of the selected furniture / items as per sizing / measurements / layout prior to purchasing them. It will even help you to visualize if the items selected will go along with each other or not, will give you enough space to walk around or not, will serve the functionality / purpose of the room etc.


It is important to have a budget range prior to contacting a Designer. Keep in mind that the budget range would also need to include Designer and Contractor fees, as applicable, besides just items, accessories, furniture etc.


Measurement plays an essential role in design projects, as you don’t want to end up with something that does not fit or look out of place. That’s why you will see a Professional Redesigner emphasizing on measurements when reviewing a space / room.


Some design projects can be done in phases and prepare you to save for later down the road. For example, some clients start with painting and purchasing a few items first, and when budget permits they then purchase the rest of the items later.


In the case of a kitchen, it is always best to review with a designer samples of countertop, backsplash, flooring, fixtures, cabinet paint etc. first prior to starting the work. It is also best to get a visual presentation first, if any of the cabinets need to be relocated / when adding more cabinets or storages. Since a Kitchen is the heart of the home and a big investment, you don’t want to end up with something that might not work for you later down the road.


In the case of a bathroom, it is always best to review with a designer the vanity, mirror, paint colour, tiles, flooring etc. first prior to starting the work. As bathroom sizes vary, reviewing measurements through a visual presentation will save you on time and money on purchasing the right items.


Feature and / or Accent walls are tempting and come with an extra cost, but if not done right then can affect the mood of the space / room. A designer can guide you through options and help you to choose one that works best for your space / room.


When designers offer furnishing and decorating along with the design project, if your budget permits, take the offer. They are the experts with the project to begin with and they can set up the space / room in such a way that will not only surprise you but will also help you to maintain it.


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