HOUSE TO WOWS provides Quality and Professional Design Services to help you Update / Upgrade your Home to your Needs Preferences, Scope, Budget etc.


Our Design method is based on Measurements and Functionality, with the focus on Adding Value to your Home and Lifestyle.

"A house becomes a home when it is welcoming and functional for everyone living in it. You can desire a house but ultimately your true love will settle on a home that speaks to your heart!"



Our Design process begins with  reviewing your home / space, needs , preferences, budget, scope, measurements etc.  From there, we guide you with design layouts, furnishing, materials,  accessories etc. and incorporate it into the 3D visual drawing / floor plan. We also provide you with a 2D drawing / mood board consisting of Shopping Items / Selections that you can access anytime.


As we also provide other Services in-house, such as Handyman, Painting and Staging, you can save time and hassles by not having to contact several other contractors for installation, assembly, repairs, painting, shopping, decorating etc. Your Property gets all the attention it needs with our Services, to get it updated / upgraded  properly to its highest standard!


Our Design Services start at $150

Contact us to find out on how you can get more value for your home!